Ready-to-Use Devotions for Church Meetings

Meditations written by Rev. Cecil H. Skibbe
Meditations adapted and devotional pages written by Rev. Marcus Jauss

How many meetings do you conduct each month? Are you expected to lead an opening or closing devotion? Here are 20 devotions ready to use. Each devotion in this file is two-sided. You copy/print the one side and distribute it to the participants. You read the text provided on the numbered leader's page. 

Full Document (PDF)    All 20 devotions

TOC page (PDF)    list and suggestions for use

1. A Bit of Clay (PDF)    Anytime; Pentecost

2. A Taste of Life (PDF)    Time of trouble in congregation/community

3. A Thank-You Will Do (PDF)    Thanksgiving; Celebrations

4. Benediction (PDF)    End of school/church/calendar year

5. Dashes (PDF)    January; to memorialize someone

6. Depend on the Lord (PDF)    July; Pentecost; time of difficulty

7. Have a Good Day...Unless (PDF)    Anytime; Pentecost; time of conflict

8. I Love You, Jesus (PDF)    Anytime; Lent

9. Jesus is Lord (PDF)    Advent; Christmas; Lent

10. Keeping in Touch (PDF)    Anytime

11. Move Closer to the Light (PDF)    Start of school year; Advent; Lent

12. On Being Grateful (PDF)    Thanksgiving; on being spared disaster

13. Pray and Keep On Praying (PDF)    Anytime

14. Remember Your Baptism (PDF)    Lent; Easter; Pentecost

15. Stop! Look! Listen! (PDF)    Start of school year; Pentecost

16. That Little Gem (PDF)    Confirmation time; Anytime

17. The Difference that Made a Difference (PDF)    Advent; Christmas

18. The Touch of Jesus (PDF)    Lent; Advent; Christmas

19. Wait Three Days (PDF)    Easter

20. Wait Until You Get to the Corner (PDF)    Anytime; Time of difficult decisions