Prayer List

May we pray for you?

Woman-Praying-bwDo not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil.4:6

As God's people, we have the privilege and responsibility to bring all things before the Lord in prayer. Please let us know what to pray for you!

 "The presence of the Spirit of grace grants us the privilege and creates in us the ability, nay, the necessity, to begin to pray." - Luther (W45,540-E49,113-SL8,3610)

Serving the Lord with you,
Rev.Daniel P. May, Indiana District President (LCMS)

Current Prayer List

Pastoral Call Process

Lord, you know everyone’s heart.  Show us which of these…men you have chosen… Acts. 1:24

Calling a Pastor in a time of pastoral vacancy

  • Contact your Circuit Counselor
  • Conduct a congregational self-study.  The self-study is available from the District Office
  • Arrange a pre-call meeting with the District President and the Circuit Counselor
  • Receive names of potential pastoral candidates from congregational members
  • Submit pastoral candidate names to the District President
  • Receive call list from the District President through the Circuit Counselor
  • Conduct call meeting with the assistance of the Circuit Counselor
  • Complete call documents.  Call documents are available on-line through calling the District Office
  • Study Scripture and pray through the call process, placing all confidence in the Holy Spirit.


Pastor's Information Forms

Self-Evaluation Tool

Pastoral Call Process

Call Documents

(Please call or email Jan [] for username and password.
Please use parchment paper and a color printer for the Diploma of Vocation.)

Vicarage Agreement

(Please call or email Jan [] for special paper for cover page.
Please use parchment paper and a color printer for the Diploma of Vocation.)

President's Greeting


Greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord! Welcome to our district web world! This site will give just a taste of our Indiana District which is a wonderful place in God's Kingdom! He has lavished us with His love as He daily moves us to encourage one another in our mission and ministry in Christ!  We find direction and focus in these words from St. Paul, "May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 15:5-6  God has blessed us with a wealth of church workers and congregations doing together what  none of us can do alone!

President Daniel P. May has been privileged to served the Indiana District - LCMS as President since his election at the June 2003 District Convention. Prior to his election in 2003 he  served the district as Vice President (1992-2003), Circuit Counselor (1984-1992), Education, Youth, Evangelism, and Stewardship (1976-1986). President May has also on a variety of Synod committees and as a Synod Convention Delegate on several occasions.  President continues to enjoy serving as president of our vibrant and faithful Indiana District!

President May attended and graduated from Concordia College in Milwaukee and Concordia University, River Forest, and finally Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfield, Ill. He served his vicarage at St. John, Lutheran Church in Defiance OH and the served pastorates at First Lutheran Church in Natchez, MS; St. Peter, Fort Wayne, IN; and then St. James, Lafayette, IN.  He served with gratitude on the Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc. Board of Directors.  He also served on the Tippecanoe County 4-H Board and Community Religious Life Committee in Lafayette, IN.

President May and his wife, Judy, are members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, in Fort Wayne. Mrs. May is a Lutheran School Administrator/Teacher.  Mrs. May has organized and annually works with the Katie Retreat for the wives of our pastors.  She and President May thank God for their children, Stephanie, Paul, Joel and Sarah and their grandchildren, Micah, Gloria, Anna , Joshua, Thomas, Nathan, Benjamin, Isaiah, Adrienne, Elijah, Andrew and Johanna.

Calls and Vacancies


  1. 1.BERNE, Peace beginning call process
  2. 2.BROWNSBURG, Christ – Beginning call process – served by Rev. James Glowinski
  3. 3.DEWBERRY (Cross Plains) –St. Paulrequesting a vicar
  4. 4.EVANSTON – St. John – called Rev. Jeremy Yeadon - declined
  5. 5.FORT WAYNE, Trinity (Decatur Rd.) – called Rev. Timothy A. Sims - declined
  6. 6.FREMONT, Lake George Served Rev. Jeff Springer
  7. 7.LEXINGTON St. John/Bread of Life being served by Rev. Chuck Groth
  8. 8.PORTAGE - St Peter – served by Rev. Wallace Waite
  9. 9.ROCHESTER, St. John - called Rev. James Teasdale - declined
  10. 10.SHEPHERDSVILE, KY. Divine Savior being served by Vicar Tim Faile (Rev. Ron Richeson supervisor)
  11. 11.WOODLAND – St. Paul –
  12. 12.VALLONIA – Trinity -



  1. 1.DECATUR, Zion –served by Rev. Tim Carr – called Rev. James Voorman - accepted
  2. 2.INDY – Calvary – Called Rev. Alan Buss - declined



  1. 1.CRAWFORDSVILLE, Holy Cross being served by Rev. Steve Shank
  2. 2.ELIZABETHTOWN -- Gloria Dei – being served by Rev. Monty Gleitz
  3. 3.FORT WAYNE Southwest Lutheran served by Interim Rev. Don Porter
  4. 4.GRABILL, Prince of Peace - being served by Interim Rev. Mark Neubacher
  5. 5.GARY – St. John – served by Rev. John Albers
  6. 6.INDIANAPOLIS, Our Savior – served by Rev. Robert Hall
  7. 7.KNOX, Our Redeemer –being served by Rev. Robert Bruckner
  8. 8.LIGONIER, Trinity – Interimserved by Rev. Phil Schamehorn
  9. 9.NEW SALISBURY – Epiphany – served by Rev. Chuck Fischer
  10. 10.OSSIAN, Bethlehem – planning to call candidate in the spring
  11. 11.SHELBYVILLE – St. Mark


  1. 1.Rev. Jason Taylor called to Golden Valley Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, MN (MNS)-declined
  2. 2.Rev. Chad Kendall called to Zion, Portland, OR (Declined)
  3. 3.Rev. Michael Salemink called to Lutherans for Life - accepted
  4. 4.Rev. Matthew Kohl called to St. John, Perham, MN (MNN) (Declined)
  5. 5.Rev. Philip Rigdon called to Grace, Waterloo, IA (Declined)


President's Schedule


2           Maundy Thursday

3           Good Friday

4           Holy Saturday

5           Resurrection Celebration – Easter

13       Development Interviews with The Lutheran Foundation (STL)

17       Lutheran Life Villages - FW

19       Danville, Ky

20       District Staff mtg.

21       Ministerial Committee

22-23 CUAA

24-30 COP and Placement


1       Conclusion of COP mtg.

4-6     Southern Pastors Conf – Camp Lakeview

5         Wittenberg Dedication

10 -     Installation at Zion Decatur – James Voorman

11-13 Northern Pastors Conference - Syracuse

16       Convention Floor Committees - FW – District Office

17       CUAA Graduation

21       District BOD – FW